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My qualifications emerge from nearly a decade of broad experience in graphic and UI/UX design, during which I have gained extensive knowledge in both digital and print platforms. My desire to evolve, build understanding within my field, and extend my skillset has led to a well-rounded background of creative services, and the ability to fluidly collaborate within various teams.

My Story

Creating designs that are accessible and unique is my passion! I am a creative and proven design professional with nearly a decade of successful experience in the design industry. I have extensive practical knowledge of branding, layout, color, and typography, centering my process around the user.


I began my creative journey as a Fine Art major, and discovered my love for Graphic Design shortly after. I still love injecting my work with hand-made elements when the opportunity presents itself! My path took me from Creative Director to discovering the duality of UI/UX. I find the process of elevating the user's experience to be fulfilling and fascinating.

I thrive in both fast-paced and structured environments, and my ability to prioritize projects, multi-task, and take initiative allows me to best serve my team no matter the setting or circumstance. Additionally, my years of managerial experience as a Creative Director have enhanced my problem-solving skills, giving me the ability to facilitate productive communication between teams in order to make quick and appropriate judgments.

When I'm not creating you can find me working to become an Adirondack 46-er with my husband, playing board games from our growing collection, giving belly scratches to our boxer rescue Dexter, playing beer league kickball, practicing yoga, making art, gardening, or losing myself in interior design.


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I would love to take your vision from concept to reality.

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