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Legal Invoice Analytics

Legal Invoice Analytics is eDiscovery data processing software used to help corporate legal and risk leaders, and their outside trusted advisors, detect, respond, and manage legal and risk-related events and processes.​ Along with an umbrella of other products, I have been tasked in assisting with new features and improving the existing UI/UX.

Problems to be Solved

  • Failure to pass WCAG / ADA testing.

  • Inconsistencies within the product and sister products.

  • Poor organization and a confusing workflow.

  • Unresponsive interface.

  • Unable to use product on mobile devices.

Product Goals

  • Streamline the user experience and simplify the workflow.

  • Clean up interface.

  • Improve accessibility and modernization.

Actions Taken

  • Audits completed to target design inconsistencies and accessibility problems.

  • Process flows created to target workflow issues.

  • Site map and action menus organized and cleaned up.

  • Common action items determined and given visual hierarchy.

  • Wireframes and prototypes presented to POs, stakeholders, and lead developers, updating with valid feedback.

  • Component library modernized while working with tech stack.

  • Documentation for epics provided to assist developers.

  • Audit of finalized production to ensure accuracy. 

Results Achieved

  • A cleaner, more user-friendly interface.

  • An improved workflow that eliminates confusion for Invoice approval.

  • A responsive and accessible product.

  • Common and simple actions available for mobile device use.

  • Positive user feedback.

  • Increase in contracts signed.

LIA Software
LIA Home Page
LIA Home Page Expanded Filters
LIA Home Page Full Functionality
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LIA Mobile

LIA UI before redesign.

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